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DAY 1 of Garcinia Cambogia
Thursday, September 26, 2013, 9/26/2013 09:18:00 pm ♥

Hey guys!! Long time no blog :D

Anyway I'm going to do some trekking soon in nepal and im soo not ready and i have a feeling if i dun lose this weight.. im going to probably die.. hahaha no not really.. i think im pretty fit ^_^

anyway~ im trying these capsules for weightloss~ apparently its miraculous and Dr Oz from the TV program actually recommends it so here i go~

Today - i weighed myself - 64.7kg this is bad... usually in the mornings im 62-63 .. so yea... not a good sign.. i can see it in my face!

Ate heaps of crap including picnic bars - lots of dim sum with 2 and a half lao sa baos .. yes my brother did not want to have it coz its got egg but those are the best (dragon palace makes the best lao sa baos) not lao sai baos btw... its flowing sand bunssss mmmm i can still taste the yummyness in my mouth.. gosh i hate how i love food.. anyway apparently these supplements work even tho u have your normal diet..

i dun actually find that it suppresses my appetite much to be honest.. but its suppose to suppress fatty acid synthesis... lol! our pharmacy started stocking them so im tryin it out..

follow me down this journey ~! ^_^

oh gosh i jus sneaked in some chocolate~

i think i'm officially ok now.
Saturday, July 21, 2012, 7/21/2012 10:51:00 pm ♥

to those who were wondering... my heart did break into a million pieces.. but it seems like during the last 4 or so months.. i've borrowed a temporary heart and now it's time for me to return it.. so now i find myself crying uncontrollably staring at the broken pieces... thinking of all the things that have happened... i know things happen for a reason but i really want it to fast forward n get to the point...  it's been a while since i've been left alone to myself to actually think... for some reason as i'm typing right now.. i feel like i'm in vertigo.. and everything is spinning...

i dont think i make any sense at all coz woah it's really spinning -_-... i feel sick... mb i'll just rest for now..

i refuse to be thought as weak... i refuse to be someone that cant be left alone... i refuse to be dependent on someone... i refuse to be cheated on or taken advantage of... i refuse to be not taken seriously... n most importantly i refuse to feel unloved..... and yet... i find myself in those situations over n over again...

i really seriously need to find a way to overcome these..

really want to thank the ppl who i felt were genuinely concerned (askin me numerous times whether im ok, offering to be there) and helped me through my lows (askin me out, tryin to catchup and just keeping me company)

especially E, S, L, W,  T,  H ( love yous)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012, 2/29/2012 10:56:00 pm ♥

goin to sleep now before my heart has any chance of breaking into a million pieces...

good night :)